WORDPRESS The most Popular Website Builder

WordPress – The  most Popular Website Builder 


WordPress (WordPress.org or Wp) is a beginner friendly website building software available for everyone on the web. Arguably the most popular website builder today, WordPress is very easy to use and truly flexible. Once upon a time WP had its limitations, fortunately today one can build just about any type of website on the platform. Starting with WP is fairly simple, however it can get complicated quickly for a person who is not familiar with all the moving parts. One can start building a WordPress website totally free if you already have a domain and hosting service, don’t worry later in this article we have a gift for you and also explain what is a domain and hosting if you don’t know. We definitely recommend WordPress, it is one of our favorite website builders.  

Building a WordPress website from scratch has some cost associated to it, in most cases it should cost less than Fifty US Dollars ($50 US) per year to start and we can prove it. Normally there are two requirements to start building a WordPress website. First is the domain which is a unique name, or web address associated with your project. Domains can start at One US Dollar ($1 US) and up, you must renew the domain every year unless you initially purchased it for longer term. Second is the hosting service plan, this is where your website will reside or will be hosted hence hosting. Hosting can start around Two US Dollars ($2 US) per month depending on the length. We find that the longer the terms of the hosting plan the better the rates. Once you have that domain registered and pointed to a hosting plan, you are ready to start building your website. 

Now that you have a domain and hosting, all you have to do is install the WordPress software and start building your website. At AWA, we like to think that a functional website comes in three major parts which are contents, theme, and plugins. 

  • The content is literally what you will display on your website such as the text, logo, picture and products in case it’s an e-commerce website. 
  • The theme is the design structure that allows you to put all the content together and build your website in a preferred visual way. Some themes are free, others have free versions, but the paid ones are the best such as Divi which is very easy to use and flexible. 
  • The plugins are softwares that provide functionalities for your website, for example WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to create an online store. It gives you most of the possible functionalities a brick and mortar store would have but virtually. 

Keep in mind there are plenty of free themes and plugins available on WP, you can build a very sturdy website with these resource totally free after paying for the domain and hosting. 

Hopefully now you’re convinced that WordPress is a definite and reliable way to build websites today. Many large companies rely on WordPress for their business website. Here at AWA, we think WordPress is the way to go. It may not be the easiest to manage and build yourself as a beginner in this field, but later on  it is very flexible and scalable in the event of unexpected growth. There are two major differences between WordPress and other website building platforms. First is that by having your own WordPress hosting, your content design, and data will always belong to you! No one but you can delete your content. Second, you are not limited to the constraints of most themes thanks to code snippets that can be added for additional customizations. Remember WP is open source, so really there are no limit when it comes to what you can do.   

As promised here is a gift for you, which proves our point. This hosting plan comes with a free domain included for less than Fifty US Dollars ($50 US) per year. Of course we want to make it easier for you! If you find this article valuable, feel free to share it with others for our goal is to provide as much Value as we can with minimal Effort on your end. If you need help with your Website, App or Marketing or any other similar business solutions, check out the Atomic Web App Website! We provide value driven business solutions, strategic support, and data-driven leadership to help you (our client) plan your company’s future and build its performance. Get ahead of the competition!

As always thank you for taking the time to read another edublog from AWA. Don’t forget to share it! 

Jeff Daniel 

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