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Atomic Web App and Services Inc. (also known as AWA) is a business firm founded by Jeff (Senior Developer) and his wife Vicky (Senior Designer). Based in Miami, AWA helps entrepreneurs, companies, and startups develop and grow in the digital field by offering branding, web design, mobile development solutions, and educational resources.

More Value, Less Effort!


 More Value, Less Effort!

We believe it is our duty to consistently provide value to our community and customers, with minimal effort on their part.


Our vision is to become the greatest source of value possible in a structured and complete way.  As a result, we will always strive to consistently provide a variety of educational tools, tips, and information that are easily accessible to everyone.


Honesty: Our work and content are always created with full transparency.

Passion: The passion for our work drives us to give our best in each project, we like what we do and we enjoy it.

Responsibility: We never neglect any project and always complete them within the established period.

Quality: Our services always exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Resolution: At AWA we always focus on finding solutions to problems rather than wasting time lamenting.

Social responsibility: With AWAcademy we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing them with educational resources to promote growth in the market.

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